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Making Your Holiday to Linz Easier —
in Five Easy Steps

“In Linz beginnt's”, or “It Begins in Linz”, is the tourist slogan for this large Austrian city. In 2009 it is set to become the European Capital of Culture largely due to its innovative arts scene and especially the internationally renowned Ars Electronica Festival, or Festival of Electronic Art. If you are planning a holiday to somewhere in Europe then this is a more unusual place to consider.

Cheap Flights

Flights to Linz have come down dramatically recently, especially since the launch of a RyanAir direct flight from Stansted to Linz. You want to compare other market leaders offering cheap flights to the area at companies such as Travelzoo.

Bear in mind that, if you’re driving to the airport, various companies such as AirParks offer discounted airport parking at many of the major airports including Gatwick airport parking for 60% cheaper than the rate you would pay if you turned up on the day.


Most hotels in Linz are fairly reasonable. For an upmarket hotel you could try the Landgraf Hotel. The interior of Landgraf is in an art nouveau style whereas the exterior is the remains of an historic town house. The Landgraf prides itself in its modern, young staff and well-equipped modern rooms while the hotel’s restaurant, Cafe Landgraf, is famous in itself. For a budget hotel you could contact Hotel Kolping; each room is well presented and has Internet access and Satellite TV; the hotel also has its own restaurant and bar.

If you are looking for something a little different and are prepared to travel then you could try the amazingly peculiar Das Park Hotel in Ottensheim. These are rooms made from large (new) sewage pipes. Each room has the bare essential including a double bed, a light, and a power point. Guests are provided with a blanket and a sleeping bag on arrival and there are showers and toilet facilities nearby. On top of this the rooms are hired on a donation basis, given after your stay, and can be reserved at For more hotels in the city, take a look at

Things to See and Do

If you have seen all of the common sights and are looking for more to do then here are a few ideas. You could always take a ride of the wonderfully weird Grotto Railway where you get to ride on a train in the shape of a dragon into a fairy-tale kingdom. It may sound like a fairly new concept but, believe it or not, this place recently celebrated its centenary.

If you are feeling energetic you may consider joining one of the many guided walks around the city. These are offered through the website and cost is dependent largely on how many people join the group. There are many different types of walk ranging from architectural exploration to walk up to the famous Postlingberg castle; be aware: this is a bit of a bit of trek.

Where to Eat

One authentic local place to eat is the Hotel Schwechaterhof. They have some very interesting and tasty dishes including the delicious Kasnock'n, small cheese dumplings delicately served with a crisp salad - very good value for money. One thing that you must try whilst in Linz is the Linzer Torte, which is named after the city. It is made from one of the oldest cake recipes in existence from crumbly pastry, nuts and jam.