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Finding Popular Holiday Destinations

The Synergise site offers you a variety of ways to find popular holiday destinations... or will give you ideas for totally different vacations. Although our home page (and the left-hand column of this page) offers you a search box, this is not the best way to make the most of our site. Read on for an overview of what we offer.

Basic Navigation

  • Click the 'Synergise' name at the top-left of any page to get back to the home page.

  • Make use of the dropdown menu for quick entry to all important areas of the site. This appears on the Home Page and other important index pages such as the following: Ed's Travels, QualityHub, Articles, Places and Writers.

  • Look out for left-hand menu items on all pages.

Travel Articles

These include the light-hearted in the Ed's Travels series, plus other travel articles written by other travel writers and regular visitors to this website in our Travellers' Tales section. There are links to these from the main part of the home page. (Can you write? Then why not join them? There are cash prizes to be won!)

What we mean by 'synergy'

We try to offer the best possible 'synergy' by including links to other good travel sites that complement the subject matter of our travel pages. Don't miss our QualityHub directory, for example, which lists some of some of the world's best travel sites. We assess all entries manually.

Even our advertisements are tailored to help you find great holidays and holiday information, so don't ignore them!

Other Travel Ideas

Check out the items on the dropdown 'Travel' menu above (also on the Home Page), which gives recommended sources for travel tips, vacation ideas, travel advice, flights, maps, accommodation, etc.

Take a Book on Vacation!

We believe that an essential accessory for a great vacation is a good book. That's why we include a bookshelf on our travel pages to give you ideas. It's our 'Travel Lounge Bookshop'!

In the travel industry?

Finally, if you're in the travel business, then why not consider advertising on this site? Check out our many advertising options.

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