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P4: the new innovative product that is changing lives... for the better

The P4 Personality Mapping tool provides you with a new and unique method of assessing people's personality types so you can better understand and communicate with them — whether colleagues, family or friends. If you're seeking a new life with a new partner then such knowledge is invaluable and could change your life for the better. At work, your improved interpersonal skills can lead to better management techniques and inevitable career advancement. At home it can bring you closer to family members. In fact, everyone can benefit from understanding the P4 method and by using the P4 personality mapping tool. And if you happen to be a novelist, P4 additionally offers you a ground-breaking way of creating realistic characters to fulfill specific plot roles, with a depth of knowledge that allows you to know just how they will react in given situations and with other characters.

There is no avenue of your personal life which cannot benefit from a good knowledge of personality types. Understand people better and you will get on with people better. It's as simple as that! So buying P4 could be the greatest investment you ever make!

couple looking at laptopP4 employs a unique graphical interface to map the entire human psyche and empowers you to accurately and intuitively locate the psychological type of anyone you know. You can then study their psychological profile to give you an in-depth understanding of how they think and what their priorities are. You will learn how to draw personality maps to show — and help you remember — the psychological dynamics of groups and to identify group strengths and weaknesses. Use this tool as your secret weapon while mapping a new route to success! P4 is a human interface to accessible psychology, and its efficient interface introduces you to a new world of psychology technology!

Intuitively understanding people's psyche gives you the edge, both socially and in business. It allows you to appreciate other people's viewpoint and increase your power to influence them and gain their willing co-operation. What more useful skill could there be for someone trying to understand their partner, spouse or children? What more could a manager or sales-person ask? The personality types described are internationally recognised in the field of psychology, but it is our interface that makes this system so quick and easy to use. It removes the need for any expertise in psychology.

We know you won't find this method anywhere else — because we invented it! And please don't be scared by all this talk of 'psychology'. This jargon-beating tool provides you with an easy-to-understand interface to the well-established psychological types. You'll be able to fit anyone into a particular type. It also provides you with a unique method of mapping people on a chart so you can recall your evaluation of their psyche at a glance. Study the group dynamic of your work colleagues, family or friends and spot problem areas. As a manager, you can use P4 to optimize group skills, motivate teams and communicate more effectively with your superiors. Even better, what lies behind your improved management expertise will be entirely transparent — unless you care to reveal it! Once you understand this system you will realise it is no exaggeration to say that the P4 process can benefit you in all aspects of your life.

What P4 Personality Mapping can do for you

Thanks to the various user tutorials you'll quickly get to understand its principles and can be applying them effectively the same day. P4 has many amazing benefits.

  • P4 gets you inside the head of others who may have an entirely different agenda to you. Men are from Mars, Women from Venus? That's all true, but wait until you see these greater subtleties of psychological type! Understand why if you see one thing, other people see something else!

  • Our unique 'Personality Map' pictorially shows the entire landscape of all potential mind-sets and allows you to plot different people to provide you with an overview of their psyche and the group dynamic.

  • Intuitive mapping of known people or required personalities rapidly leads to over 30 well-known psychological types and disorders with simple descriptions of type.

  • Inherent features of the personality map allow you to fine-tune your initial perceptions by referring to relevant type descriptions. This is aided by real-life examples using well known people such as Tony Blair and Madonna, and fictional characters such as the cast of Friends.

  • A personality map of a group provides an overview of the group dynamics and can show a manager whether a team is well balanced or could benefit from specific improvement.

  • Personality maps allow you to predict who might be most affected by change, or who is best suited to particular tasks, jobs, or is most likely to excel in particular circumstances.

  • Personality maps allow you to constantly keep in mind the dynamics of the plotted individuals — at a glance!

  • Tutorials for different user requirements help you make the most of the method, whatever your needs.

Sounds complicated? Far from it! It's simple to understand, easy to use, and dramatic in its power. Buying a P4 user license could be your best ever investment. Make it your secret weapon today!

A heady mixture of power and fun!

Here's the proof of just how versatile this system is...

Tremendous insights for personal use

You'd be surprised how understanding the mind-sets of your partner, family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours can benefit you. P4 techniques are just as applicable in the home or bar as they are in the office and they can make your whole life smoother by avoiding conflict.

  • Find and appeal to the right person if you're dating

  • Discover why you find some people surprisingly difficult to get on with

  • Discover why certain family members are always head-to-head — and diffuse these situations

  • Reduce tension by learning how to take the path of least resistance

  • Understand the 'different agenda' of your partner or children

  • Improve friendships.

Corporate Use: for managers
and team leaders

We recommend P4 principles as a management tool for senior managers and team leaders. Why not trial the system on an individual basis and then consider running a training course for managers and team leaders? We don't run courses ourselves, but we are keen to help provide solutions to training organizations or companies wishing to develop their own courses to improve management efficiency through more effective inter-personal relations. Our unique personality map may only be used under license.

We do not recommend the method as a foreground system within teams; there are bound to be team members who will not take kindly to being 'type-cast'. P4 is best used as a discrete background tool: so discrete, no one will even know why teams suddenly become more cohesive, efficient and happy!

Please contact us for further details.

A breakthrough for novelists

The realism of your characters is the deciding factor when it comes to making a novel memorable. Readers remember good characters long after reading a book. Take Scrooge, for example. Who can forget him? That's why this tool is so important to all novelists, for it provides you with an intuitive way of turning a character-need into a fully fleshed-out individual best suited to your needs — within minutes. Having trouble with a particular character's traits? Do you suffer from cardboard cut-out characters? Use P4 to get into their heads and write a great and memorable novel.

  • Deepen your understanding of individual characters

  • Ensure all your characters are realistic and consistent to type

  • Understand what kind of character you need for a given plot role

  • Fully understand your characters' reactions and how they differ when normal and stressed

  • Take into account the need for the character development of your protagonist as he or she learns from experience

  • Print-out profiles you can tailor for different characters and 'weight' their individual traits

  • Use personality mapping to plot characters, understand their dynamic exchanges, and always keep in mind their individual mental characteristics

  • Covers all personality types from Saddam Hussein, through Aunt Mabel, to Mother Teresa!

Further details for Novelists...

A secret weapon for managers

If you could truly understand all your work colleagues and clients then you could stand out as a great manager because you would know just how to handle them all. All people are different, so they all need slightly different handling. Use of the P4 method gives you the edge because it will teach you how to better sell your ideas and products by taking the path of least resistance. And you'll discover you know far more about colleagues than you ever guessed!

  • Improve your inter-personal skills by intuitively knowing the path of least resistance

  • Pitch your ideas with the right slant, according to individual psyche

  • Use personality maps to check-out, optimize and then remember the skills balance of your team

  • Know what you're looking for in new team members

  • Use personality maps to reveal team deficiencies

  • Use personality maps to study team dynamics

  • Use personality maps to improve team-working

  • Use personality maps to remind yourself of clients' psyche

  • Impress superiors by your effective team management skills

  • Discover why you may consistently have communication problems with certain individuals — and rectify the situation

  • Win the co-operation and respect of your subordinates by really understanding them — then they'll give you their best!

    Further details for Managers...

As you will see, the P4 Personality Mapping tool is universally applicable: from personal and business use, right up to corporate use. It is also the secret weapon you can use to give you the edge in inter-personal relations without anyone ever knowing it.

Buy it today, or remember you can find it again by googling "p4 personality mapping".

If you deal with people, you can get ahead... by getting inside their heads!


P4 for Novelists
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"P4 is an exciting and innovative method of assessing personality types. This excellent resource can be used to understand the many and varied behaviour traits that make up our human race. A set of user-friendly, easy-to-follow tutorials sometimes use well-known, world stage figures as examples, and are both enlightening and fun. They leave students eager to put P4 methods into practice.

"P4 can provide a quick and helpful technique for business managers to assess their work force, promote team building and bonding, or sort out personality difficulties within their work place.It is also ideal for understanding partners, family and friends.

" For whatever reason P4, once studied, will remain permanently imprinted on the user’s mind as a useful and fascinating concept."

Maureen Wright, Welling, UK.

Helen Dunn Frame
"The major value of P4 for me lies in defining or redefining characters in my books. It will enable them to change as they should from the beginning of a novel to the end. Like anything, the more one uses a tool, the easier it becomes.

" It didn't take long to be well on the way to fully utilizing P4.
I also see where P4 would be most useful for personal relationships, especially since the foreign community in Costa Rica, where I live, is so diversified."
Helen Dunn Frame, Costa Rica
(author of Greek Ghosts)

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