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(This simplified version is ideal
for dating and personal users)

(Business Users, Managers and
Novelists NEED this version)

This is a simplified version of P4 suitable for:

  • Personal Users: wishing to better understand family members, friends and colleagues

  • Dating Users: wishing to determine whether new dating partners are likely to be compatible as a long-term friend or partner.

Find out how others see things, understand them better and come over in the most persuasive way. This is a QUICK WAY to find out how to use P4.

Before you settle for the LITE version, think about whether you might later wish to take things a little deeper and employ P4 to enhance your career prospects. Read the column to the right to discover how.


If you wish to upgrade to the full version of P4 later this is possible from within the LITE product. However, buying the full version NOW will save you well over 10%.

This is the FULL version of P4 suitable for Personal Users and Dating Users (as described in the left-hand column), PLUS:

  • Business Users & Managers. Employees can learn how to develop a better rapport with their manager and peers. Managers can learn how to optimise their teams, become more motivational and successful. Marketeers can learn how to increase their sales figures through emphasising just the right features of their products to particular clients. And everyone can advance their career prospects by improving their relationship skills.

  • Novelists. Learn how to create realistic and convincing characters by getting right inside their heads. Know new characters right from the outset!

In addition to what is provided for LITE users this version allows the user to go much deeper into the personal psyche and improve their management skills and chances of promotion. The detailed information about personality types is also ideal for novelists who want to create really believable characters in their novels.


  • Much more detailed tutorials leading to a greater depth of understanding about personality types

  • Printable charts for plotting data to be used as constant reminders and to show interactions within groups.

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