Travel.QualityHub Symbols

This page explains the symbols used in QualtyHub pages.

Web site descriptors

Symbols in the right-hand column

QualityHub sites come in the following three broad categories. Sometimes a site fits more than one category. All three types can provide you with destination information, as follows.

Destinations site Destination sites

Targets destination information.

Tour Operator Tour operator sites

The information about tours includes useful information about locations.

Picture-based site Picture based sites

The pictures provide a useful view of locations.

The Synergise Travel Award level provides general guidance about site quality. The level of the award is based upon the following three factors: Content, Presentation and Execution.

Content - Presentation - ExecutionClick the 'CPE' button at the head of the right-hand column on the listing page for a more detailed explanation.

The highest award level
The next highest level
The lowest acceptable level

Only these top 3 award levels qualify for a QualityHub listing - although Bronze is a further Synergise award level.

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