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We have carefully selected some travel web sites and these are listed on the indicated pages. With the exception of those showing a Synergise Travel Award, these sites have not been assessed for quality, but we are still pleased to link to them in order to give you more good travel leads - with the most recent additions listed first.
Synergise Award Sites Selection

PLATINUM Great Escapes Travel Webzine.
PLATINUM Madrid and Beyond Destinations, special offers, breaks and suggested itineraries.
PLATINUM Visit Bruges Great coverage of the 'Venice of the North': the most important centre of trade in Northern Europe from the 13th to the 15th centuries.
GOLD A unique and authentic safari experience.
GOLD CD Islands Tropical island art, photography and travel guides.
GOLD Go Play Outdoors Quality outdoor recreation opportunities throughout North America.
GOLD London Pages All the information you need about London - as a tourist, for business or a family day-out.
GOLD Travel Kauai Beautiful scenic tours, maps, images and the sounds of Kauai - the Garden Island of Hawaii.
GOLD Venice Museums The title says all!
GOLD Yemen Explorer Tours The ancient traveller, the hoopoe, will show you a country which jumped recently from an old civilization to the modern age.
BRONZE Destination Iceland A host of information so you don't arrive cold!
BRONZE GR's Travels GR's travels with his camera.

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