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Travellers’ Tales - by Writer


The following writers with a Synergise presence are listed alphabetically. Names in bold lead to their Author's Page, listing relevant articles and other work. Names not in bold open the author's single article. All authors of more than one Synergise article have their own Author's Page.

Summary of Articles
Bankes, Adrian Discovers medinas in Marrakesh
Berry, Alice Visits Buenos Aires
Bowerman, Elliotte On a high in Yellow Springs, Ohio
Boles, Gayle Visits Ireland and Scotland
Bryan, Karen Shares her experiences in Italy and Germany
Caaldwell, Dianne At a desert wedding in Rajasthan
Carroll, Jo Experiences simple living on the Orinoco Delta
Chowdhury, Paromita Insight into the heart of India
Collins, Stewart Visits Paris, Salzburg, Italy and Iceland
Conlan, Carreen Shares her local knowledge of Pitigliano, Italy
Crozier, Joseph Hikes from Western Sahara to Mauritania
Dale, Cindy-Lou Tells of her serious adventures in Africa
Davis, Genie Road tours in America with her children
Dick, David Not quite sure he loves the Louvre
Dickman, Jane Adventures in Stockholm, Sweden and Norway
Doubinski, Mikhail From Sydney in Australia to Las Vegas in the USA
Down, Graeme Usually in the wilds - from New Zealand to USA
Dubery, Sylvia Tells of her visit to Marrakesh
Ford, Stuart Tells of his flawed expectations in Waikiki
Frame, Helen Dunn Travels in Central and North America
Gardner, Nicky - through
hidden europe
Discovers hidden - and quirky - parts of Europe
Gemmell, Rosemary Tales from Portugal and the West Indies
Ginnodo, Bill Suggests a self-drive tour of Colorado
Green, Kevin Discovers the beaties of the Isle of Man
Gregan, John Shares his love of India and travels in Europe
Harris, Claire Takes the slow boat to Timbuktu in Africa
Jones, David Shows that life's a beach - in Fuerteventura
Jung, Angela Volunteers at an orphanage in Ghana
Kampel, Ian Introduces us to Oxford, place of dreaming spires
Kendle, Amanda - through
hidden europe
Gives us a glimpse of the Baltic State of Latvia
Kohl, Randy Gets cool... and goes underground in Oregon
Laurie, Janet Articles covering many European countries
Levy, Michael Recounts his visit to Devon in the UK
Loizou, Nicolette Tangles with natural phenomena in New Zealand
Loughnan, Christopher Travels in Vietnam & Australia with his family
Majzlin, Leonard Heads down east for a feast — in Maine, USA
Manyon, Jim Tells us how to be canny in Cannes
Metcalfe, Metty Provides insight on Amazon Cruises
Mitra, Abhishek Encounters unexpected walks in Brittany
Muigai, Andrew Provides great insight into Africa
Nolan, Maria Travels to various European destinations
Oberhammer, Wolf Drops into the slow lane — in Indonesia
Otero, Daniel (& Lolita Wei) Tells us about Shanghai delights
Palioudaki, Carol How Carol went Greek - on Crete
Patternson, Lucy Nearly loses her head in Seville
Pop, Anne-Marie M A young female, travelling alone in India
Porteous, Lyz On a return trip to Vancouver
Price, Nicola Stops off in the planet's most sourtherly city
Pringle, Jeff Visits New York City
Quadri, Ann Articles from Europe to San Francisco
Reed, Alexandar Getting to Know... Italians
Richmond, Robin Explains how south can be north - in Scotland
Robinson, Rebeccah Finds Heaven on earth at the Great Barrier Reef
Sabian, Chris Gives us 5 of the best in the English Peak District
Simmonds, Fionna Doney Tells us one of Palma's great secrets
Sloan, Adam Traces the route of the Orient Express
Stanley, David Introduces the Islands of Samoa
Sturton, Kevin Getting to Know... the Scots
Taylor, Betty On her first trip to Paris
Thumb, Tom On keeping the punters happy in Cambridge
Vargas, Jennifer Flies from Chicago to visit Europe
Wadsworth, Sara Suggests yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands
Wainwright, Noreen Tells us about the Irish... and West Cork
Watson, Peter Tells us about Sydney's famous beaches
Wei, Lolita (& Otero, Daniel) Tells about Shanghai delights
Welsh, Alex Explores South and Central America
Westron, Loree In the wilds - from Africa to the USA
Williamson, Rhiannon Great insight on sleepy Northern Cyprus
Willis, Jill Visits Peru
Wright, Maureen Explores tranquil Normany and exciting Kenya

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