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Spirit of Vegas

If you have the fortune of jetting into Las Vegas at night — you'll instantly feel the magical vibe that is un-mistakably 'The Spirit of Vegas'. Mile upon mile of glittering casino lights, majestic water fountains and the neon brilliance of the world's most famous hotel complexes is an awesome sight The view leaves most people in awe, but it says one thing above all: welcome to Vegas! It's no wonder that Las Vegas' unique vibe has inspired the growth of online casino gaming websites.

Even the city's airport is super-charged with the Vegas Spirit, offering endless rows of slot machines, progressive jackpots and free giveaways from some of Las Vegas' hottest venues. Don't get too excited though... grab a cab downtown or hit the strip for the biggest party on earth!

While casino gaming is naturally a big part of the Spirit of Las Vegas, every stay in Sin City is super-charged by some of the globe's most imaginative accommodation. Resorts such as Circus Circus deliver super themed resorts, while you can slip away to which ever fantasy makes your dreams come true — including Mystical East, Egyptian Odyssey, Wild West, Camelot, African Safari and endless other themed Vegas wonderlands.

However, the unique Spirit of Las Vegas is literally never-ending, and you won't want to miss the delights of the city as night falls — with an array of free street entertainment and incredible light shows outside many of Vegas' most famous casinos. Naturally, as the night goes on, the offerings of the Neon City just keep dazzling, with rows of bars, restaurants and night clubs weaving their way along the strip and into the mad fun of Downtown Vegas.

What's more, while you may not have the budget to stay in one of Las Vegas' most infamous casino resorts you can still enter the complexes and savour the delightful Spirit of Vegas — and even visit the locations of famous movies, such as Oceans 11 in the MGM Grand!

Whether you hit the big casinos on the strip or head downtown to feel the heady Vegas Spirit — no gaming city in the world comes close to the carnival offerings of Vegas...

The energy from the hardcore poker and blackjack tables is electrifying, while gathering round the roulette reels is guaranteed to make the hairs on your neck stand up, especially if a Vegas high roller walks into town! However, it's the massive slot lounges that deliver the ultimate Spirit of Las Vegas — the machines that have the power to make first time visitors to Vegas rich beyond their wildest fantasies.

The mega-jackpot chances may be slim, but everyone has a chance and, after all, Las Vegas is the land of dreams!

The range of casino games available in Vegas is vast, and you'll even find some unique options that you've probably never seen before in your life. However, most casinos of the Neon City offer around 200 unique games — similar to the latest ultra-realistic online casinos, which are designed to deliver the Spirit of Vegas on your computer screen.

If you're saving-up for the trip of a lifetime, honing you skills in virtual Vegas could be the best way to hit the city like a casino star. Welcome to the Spirit of Vegas!