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Poland — a Great Country for Travellers

Poland is the perfect location for travellers: a place rich in historical significance and offering many hostels for economic accommodation. Its position is crucial for the traveller because it is situated right in the center of Europe. It is the largest of the former Eastern European states. Its popularity is not a little due to Poland hostels built especially for tourists. Its old cities and the wild scenery of its national parks and nature reserves is filled with pristine beauty that cannot be found elsewhere. The country’s regions are largely divided into horizontal bands: the Baltic Coast and the hilly post-glacial lake district.

Travel and discover immaculate beauty and timeless history within the borders of the largest country in central Europe. Poland is brimming with history that spans centuries, and the country has done its very best to preserve its rich culture through traditional stories for years to come.

Visit sites like Kraków, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin, Torun, and Auschwitz. Attractions include northeast Poland's Mazury lake district and Bialowieza Forest. Poland offers sightseeing to city and historical monuments, business trips qualified tourism, agro tourism, mountain hiking and more. The Carpathian Mountains, including the Tatras, lie in the extreme south; their mountain scenery, folklore and sports facilities contribute to their charm.

This is a nation with a proud cultural heritage, and theatre. Music and opera companies abound. There is also a strong tradition of graphic design and glassware.

Krakow, the ancient capital of Poland, has been seat of kings for centuries and it is the major city in the country to come through World War II essentially unscathed. It draws scholars from all over the world because it is the nesting place of legacies of unique relics which reflect most of the important trends in European culture. UNESCO has listed its assembly of monuments as one of the world’s twelve most significant historic sites. It is a city wrapped in a legend, where time is warped and flows differently across the globe, and where every moment becomes a moment of history.

Krakow hostels and Poland hostels themselves help to exalt the country’s historic significance. For Poles, these are a symbolic representation of the nation's historical continuity, and for visitors brought up on grey Cold War images of Eastern Europe, they are a revelation. All the more ironic, then, that the government of the 1970s had to add a further tag, that of official "ecological disaster area" – for Kraków's industrial suburbs represent the communist experiment at its saddest extreme.

Polish hostels vary considerably in their facilities and something suitable should be found to match all requirements. So next time you plan a travel holiday, consider Poland for a rich and rewarding experience.