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Tourism in France

Why France?

FranceIn a country affectionately labelled the “Hexagon” there’s all you could ever want to see in terms of natural habitats, impressive geography, local culture and of course, food and wine. And no-one realises this better than the French themselves, as they are a people renowned for being stay-at-home travellers. Come August, every French highway, campsite and beachside is packed with French holidaymakers making the most of their picturesque country. You are spoilt for choice in France – when you’re sick of the Alps for your mountain holidays you can switch to the Pyrenees, and when you’re sick of the Mediterranean coastline there’s always the Atlantic one to explore.

The French, and who else?

You’re not just going to be on holidays with the rest of the national population, but also the full gamut of international holidaymakers! In 2007, France attracted 81.9 million foreign tourists, making it the most popular tourist destination in the world.

What’s there to do in France?

Where should we start? Witness the stunning sights of the glamorous French capital, let the sea breeze blow through your hair eating crepes and drinking cider in Brittany, sun yourself with the rich and famous on the French Riviera…

Looking for a unique French visit?

There are plenty of off-the-beaten-track or obscure ways to see France and sample French culture. France is perfect for cyclists, or even for cycling fans, and the annual Tour de France is an open invitation to anyone, anywhere to arrive in France and stand waiting with a barbeque and a beer for lithe cyclists to whiz past in a pack quicker than the blink of an eye.

There’s a French proverb that there is a different French cheese for every day of the year. Discover this in style with a study break or working holiday in France! If you’re looking for haute couture in Paris, wines in Bordeaux, or just good old fashioned hospitality, you’re sure to find it in France!