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Tanzania Safaris
African safari vacations, expeditions, adventure travel and trips to Tanzania, Africa.

The following travel magazines and Ezines are of high quality! I do not distinguish between the two since the requirement is simply that the online content is worthwhile - whether there is a hardcopy version is not relevant.

Use these travel magazines to give you inspiration, then follow-up any new places of interest with the Guides category and by using the travel videos.

Site Details Example Content Information
Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Online
Here is a crisp, easy-to-read site that is a great online read! The main categories are: Deals, Vacation Ideas, Tips and Resources and Arthur's Soap Box! Arthur Frommer edits this six-times-a-year magazine and offers a wealth of credible advice and practical wisdom on all aspects of affordable leisure travel. Each month you'll find new features highlighting great travel deals and tips. Best of all is the 'Destinations' section. From here you can reach articles on cities across the world. With great pictures and interesting content, this is one not to miss!
Destinations: Amsterdam, Florence, London, Rome, Venice.
Off-beat alternative travel;
Cheapest places on earth!
Book reviews, movie reviews, destination experiences, articles, archives - it's all here! From experiences in Antartica to Vietnam, you should find a lot of inspiration here.

This well-designed site is simple to navigate, easy on the eye and very pleasant to browse. We were pretty much impressed. Take a look and you'll see why!
Destinations include: Amsterdam, Aruba, Cambodia , Hanoi , Niagara Falls, Tahiti , Jamaica, Vancouver and Vietnam. PLATINUM
This site bills itself as 'The world's living guide'. Pick a worldwide city and then browse from headings such as: accommodation, sightseeing, essential information, entertainment, eating and drinking, shopping, etc.

An attractive site with with good breadth of content.
Articles on numerous destinations including: Antartica, Vancouver, Vietnam. PLATINUM
This site has a USA focus and includes concise details on many cities using 'What to Do', 'Where to Stay' and 'What to See' headings. With special features on places like Las Vegas, San Francisco and Orlando, it will be of interest to many. Includes a hotel guide with reservations. The site is a bit colourful, but the depth is well worth exploring.
An example drill:
Guides > San Francisco > The City; Hotels & Restaurants; Events; things to Do; Outdoors.

Reservations; Guides; Destinations.
An online travel resource for women. Designed to allow women to exchange information about travel and travelling safely. Quarterly. Bright and breezy!
'Gal-friendly' city sites, an international travel tip bazaar, lots of women's travel tales from women around the world, love stories, what should you galls should wear, and JourneyWoman's online travel classifieds and links. BRONZE
Travel Assist Magazine
This site offers articles with great supporting pictures. With easy access to archived articles covering destinations across the globe, this is a great site for travel information in general. A good site to seek inspiration, with very direct access to its wide range of destinations.
Japan: 'You're a fool if you've never climbed Mt. Fuji'
United States: 'Alaska Life Style '
Mexico: 'Las Alamandas - Seclusion and Romance '

Atlantic Unbound
Click the 'Travels' link to get straight to the travel stuff in Atlantic Unbound - or browse around the other areas if you are tempted! Rest assured, the 'Travels' section alone will keep you interested, however. The 'Unbound Archive' gives you a great selection of articles to rummage through. A pleasant site to browse, with the blue background and airmail, red-blue hatches strip letting you imagine you are reading a letter of travel observations from an adventurous friend! You get a feeling that you are reading the observations of real people here, and we highly recommend this site.
Here's a selection from the 'Unbound Archive':
'Midnight Express' (Akash Kapur, Romania);
'The Price of Devotion' (India);
'New Year's and Nothingness' (Indonesia);
'Rank Strangers' (Italy).


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