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Tanzania Safaris
African safari vacations, expeditions, adventure travel and trips to Tanzania, Africa.

These sites concentrate of showing you the world in pictures. Anything else they do on top of that is a bonus!

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Take a look at this for some really great pictures that really load FAST!




This site contains fabulous pictures from all over the world.



This site offers breathtaking photographs from around the world, presented with short cultural and historical notes. But don't expect pictures of cities! These pictures are of the world's wilder and more beautiful regions and every picture is a delight to look at. Great photography from Steve Underwood!

Given the size of these pictures, we were impressed with the site's access speed. Set on a black background that makes the most of them, this is one of the most beautiful sites we list. Even 'HOT' does not do it justice. Many sites FLASH and SHOUT at you to view them. Here's a site that does not need to do any of that. Please visit this site and enjoy it!



Travels with my Camera

The floating bubble lens on the Home Page leads to great expectations. Unfortunately what follows does not quite meet up to these: although the stated aim of "An Exploration of Different Countries and Situations; all with Ambience, Atmosphere, People and Places" is certainly met. The site includes pictures from Spain, London, Mexico, Amsterdam, Paris and Greece. The pictures are interesting: but not of professional standard. Since the man behind the lens does not claim to be a professional photographer, however, this is fair enough. See what you think.


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