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Tanzania Safaris
African safari vacations, expeditions, adventure travel and trips to Tanzania, Africa.

Google Earth
Google Maps
Google offers everything from Google Earth - a visual look that allows you to fly the globe, close-up - to maps. Be aware that you need to do a major download for Google Earth. For Google Maps, simply pan around. You can use the bottom right-hand overview to slide the area covered around the globe and then zoom in on the target area. Start with the magnification slider near full minus if you have trouble locating the right country! Worldwide
If you're looking for an address in the US or Europe, here's a great resource.
Zoom, zoom, zoom: from seeing countries to seeing streets! You can even start with a globe, rotate the globe, then zoom in! Smooth, fast and impressive. You won't get down to every street name though, and the map is not huge - but hey, with worldwide coverage, it#s hard to be too picky? Worldwide
Map Quest
Create a map from your own input - or buy a map. Covers major worldwide cities. Add places of interest, or what takes your fancy - but don't expect to see individual streets!
Probably better suited to peeking at where you are going than getting a map to use in real time! You can print the maps. worldwide
Map a US address or routes between destinations.
While it achieves its objectives, it freely admits that the routes might be 'creative' at times (eg leaving and then returning to the same interstate highway). Also, translating the screen map into something useful in a vehicle might be something else again. USA
National Geographics
Printable world atlas information - this is the place to go if you want a clear black-and-white image.
Not the fastest resource and not the most detailed. You may be able to locate a place, but forget looking for detail. worldwide
Perry-Castañeda Library Collection
A wide-selection of maps - many produced by the Central Intelligence Agency
Because the size of these maps are sometimes quite large - many pixels - they may take some time to download. (It does tell you how big they are before you try.) If you are interested in detail, or are perhaps a student, they could prove very useful. worldwide
StreetMap UK
Quality UK maps.
Starting with a place name, street name, or post code, you get gret quality maps from this supurb resource for the UK. UK

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