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Save the Planet...
Save its People

Holidays that support charities through donations — or your helping hands

Many hands make light work!
many hands make light work
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Worried about the planet? Worried about the poor and needy? Then how about putting something back on your next vacation? Here are a few ideas. There are two ways: provide your free labour to help others or take your vacation through an organization that provides significant donations to the needy in the region your visit. How far are you prepared to go? Here are a few ideas of how you can holiday, make new friends and help charities.

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Help others... by sweating the big stuff...

Lend your hands to help others in need

TrekForce Expeditions [UK registered charity]

Unique and challenging expeditions, teaching placements and language courses that encourage communication and teamwork skills and provide the opportunity for individuals to further their own personal development whilst making a positive difference to the host country.

Trekforce Expeditions offer a unique combination of activities in Central and South America and South East Asia, consisting of sustainable conservation, community or scientific projects undertaken in conjunction with their overseas project partners, teaching placements in rural communities and Spanish language courses in a Latin American country. Trekforce offer unrivalled safety and support and have over 20 years of expedition experience.

Worldwide Experience

Combine conservation projects with community development and adventure programmes and make your Gap Year, Career Break or Summer Holiday a life-changing experience for yourself and others you will help. Worldwide Experience allows you to contribute to global conservation and community programmes. Specialising in Conservation projects in South Africa they also need your help right across the globe.

Covers conservation in South Africa, Namibia, Scotland, Kenya and Sri Lanka with everything from elephants to big cats to play with! Also marine conservation, teaching and work-based learning opportunities.

National Trust [UK registered charity]

The National Trust runs around 450 Working Holidays every year throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so whether you fancy carrying out a conservation survey, herding goats, painting a lighthouse or planting trees, they are bound to have something to suit you.

Working Holidays range from two to seven days and from 60 a week including food and hostel-type accommodation. No previous experience is necessary, as you will be led by trained volunteer leaders and staff. You just need to be team-spirited, enjoy being outdoors in beautiful locations and not mind getting your hands dirty!

Gwalior Children's Hospital

Gwalior Children's Hospital is a small registered charity working to establish a children's hospital and a mobile hospital including hospice for HIV children to provide health, education and medical services to poor, needy and disabled children in Gwalior; its slums, rural and remote areas as well an orphanage with rehabilitation and training centre for disabled and destitute children to make them independent and able to lead a life with self esteem.

We need all health care personnel including teachers and educationists, doctors (GPs, specialists and consultants in all disciplines), nurses paramedics, technicians, speech therapists, physiotherapists, audiologists, social workers, carers for disabled children and for children with profound learning disabilities, mental illness etc. Teachers for children with special needs, teachers for children with learning disabilities (mild as well profound). Play specialists for nursery, school, hospital and orphanage for disabled children.

Help others... without working up a sweat...

Know that your vacation contributes to help others through donations

SAGE Insights - Cambodia travel

Explore mysterious and enchanting Cambodia with a personal local guide at your side. Visit Angkor Wat; experience the warmth and hospitality of the Khmer people and enjoy relatively undiscovered golden beaches like those once found in Thailand.

SAGE exists to support the neediest Cambodian children.

GlosAid [UK registered charity]

The main aim of Glosaid is to help educate children in The Gambia. They are based in Gloucestershire, England, and The Gambia. Their holiday rentals are a great way of supporting Glosaid. The aim is to educate children out of the poverty trap. Profits go towards paying school fees and buying text books, uniforms and writing materials.

The charity also has a sponsorship scheme for the children. Their Coordinator will ensure that all sponsorship money is used for a particular child.


Volunteering England

Their list of agencies will help people considering long-term or full-time volunteering.

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