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African Safari
African safari vacations, expeditions, adventure travel and trips to Tanzania, Africa.





Conventional, Family and Bargain!

Thompson Holidays

Check bargain holidays out directly from here! [CJ2]
Hoseasons Holidays A wide choice of self-catering holidays and short breaks throughout Britain, Ireland and Europe. [CJ9]
Bargain Holidays Worldwide holidays and flights (from the UK). It's easy to pickup bargains from this site!
TheFirstResort Worldwide holidays and flights (from the UK). It's also easy to pickup bargains from this site!
Categories: Flights; Cars; Hotels; Vacations & Cruises; Destination Guides; Deals.
This site offers you numerous ways of homing in on the perfect vacation package, flight, hotel, or whatever you want! Well organized, gracefully integrated, attractive and well worth looking at!


World Primate Safaris

World Primate Safaris offers clients a unique service for wildlife safaris. Specialising in primate safaris worldwide they are the sole global specialists in this field.

Real Adventures

Although the scope of this site is far greater than 'adventures' it is a young site with a lot of growing to do, and we feel it presently best complements our listings in this section: offering 'real adventures'.
This site has a crisp, clean appearance and, although it does not have great depth, it does offer some interesting vacation ideas - from bikes to balloons!
Great Outdoors Recreation Pages

As the name suggest, 'GORP' offers a wide variety of challenges!

If you're interested in hiking, biking, fishing, paddling, skiing or climbing, this is the site to give you BIG ideas!
InfoHub Speciality Travel Guide

Look here for loads of different ideas. Starts with a packed 'A-Z' (Astronomy to Yoga - no 'Z' - yet!)
Detailed travel stories supported by pictures! Yes, this site is really different. So if you're in the market for excitement, this will really get you drooling!

A good, fast site with detail you wouldn't believe!
Tribes Travel

"See the world in a different light". Unique trips in Latin America, Canada, USA, Africa, India and Nepal. Cultural, wildlife, trekking and pure relaxation.
"Life's too short to waste time on things that don't enrich you" says the Home Page. So get stuck into the real pages quickly!

We think this site is beautiful, colour coordination is great, it's sensible, useful, informative - it even gives health and visa information. So now you know why it couldn't rank higher with us!
White ROC

Snowboarding, or any other forms of scraping snow fast are covered, concentrating on
European resorts.
Pictures are in short supply on this site - unless you include brochure covers. Details of their vacations are there, but you'll need to call-up a brochure before you get to the bottom line of what it will cost! An arm and a leg? Depends on how you ski!

What we liked best was the 'Flexible Travel' page where the plane takes off across the page. Great stuff! And there's also a video option - which we didn't have time to see.
Golden Hill Travel

Offers the very best in Himalayan trekking. Ranging from easier low level treks and tours to more demanding adventures in the most remote areas. All itineraries have been carefully designed to make the most of your time in the Himalaya.
A site a bit out the ordinary - for those of you whose vacations are also a bit out of the ordinary! Good descriptions, great pictures. A very atmospheric site! Here's the place to look if you want to get a really close look at Mount Everest.

A central location for all outdoor recreation opportunities in North America.
Click the map and go! That's the general idea. This site offers a very wide variety of adventures including biking, boating, camping, eco-trips, fishing, golf, hiking, hunting, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, plus the rest!

The site includes some great pictures and is well worth a look if you want to do active things in North America.

With adventures from the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific to down south in Antartica, including Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador, you can pick out a rather special vacation on this site! Recounting these trips will certainly break the ice!
A colourful site - to say the least - that can inspire you into some really exciting adventures!

Find some great pictures, plus the kind of detail you can really get to grips with. Loads of trips to choose from. How many other sites will include Antartica?

Rotrek Patagonia Mountain Trekking 

Argentina's name derives from the Latin meaning "land of silver" (not tin!). Since the climate varies greatly over the length of the country, do your research so you know what to expect!
General information and tips for travellers to Argentina and Patagonia, plus clear maps and detailed itineraries of some interesting treks. There are also some rather nice - but small - pictures in the gallery: but since you can click to enlarge, there's not much ground for complaint here! A well thought-out site that's worth a visit from adventurous trekkers!


Discover Venezuela - one of the most spectacular and beautiful countries in South America, with adventurous small groups. Travel by river in the remote rainforests of the upper Orinoco, etc. UK travel company specializes in this area.
Loads of trips here, clearly from an organization that knows its stuff. There are some great pictures too, although we missed them all the first time round - because we were using a narrow window width. It does not adjust to bring them in, so make sure you have a wide window if you want to see the wide vistas!

Snow Sports

Bigfoot Travel Ltd

Chamonix/Argentiere specialists.
Knowledgeable resort staff, some of whom live in Chamonix throughout the year, guaranteeing knowledge of the valley second to none.

A good-looking, pleasant site, as crisp as snow!
Erna Low

Skiing vacations - the specialist that goes back to 1932.
This site is as crisp as the snow it depicts. A great selection of skiing vacations here, and a site that is a pleasure to view. Complemented by many pictures - including those of the accommodation. All price information is up front as well.


Himalayan Kingdoms Ltd

Treks taking you off the beaten track in the Himalayas. Follow the footsteps of great adventurers. Explore ancient cities, villages and bazaars. Witness age-old festivals.
This organization claims some distinguished climbing clients - including Sir Chris Bonington. Tailor-made trips can also be arranged.

We liked the 'look' of this site with its subtle dragon background. Many pictures included, of a size to not keep you waiting.


Natural High Safaris

African safaris in Tanzania.
Here is a site with great pictures and loads of information, including some great maps. If you really want to get into planning that adventure of a lifetime, you might light to start here!

African safaris, parks, game lodges, elephant-back safaris. Take your pick!
We could not have picked a better background colour than theirs for the Home Page if we tried! Such good taste!

We liked lots more about the site, too. Clean, crisp, original, nice artwork, and well organized. We would have liked some more pictures, though. Can't get enough of a good thing!
African Horizons

We wish you luck and hope that the above is not your tour guide! Covers Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana.
Very descriptive details on a well-organized site, including in-depth information on the national parks and reserves in the countries in which this company operates. Includes pictures (although some are a bit grainy). Special sections for the coast, safaris, reserves and parks.
Cameroon Adventure Expeditions

Explore one of the oldest rain forests in the world. Trek to the summit of the second highest mountain in West Africa. Visit a remote traditional African village by dugout canoe .. and more!
This site includes a good picture gallery. There aren't a host of options, but what is on offer could be of interest - if you are adventurous!


Cruise Talk  Discussion forum dedicated to cruising.
Cruise and Voyages
Cruise deals.
Cruises of Value
Cruise deals.
Cunard Cruise worldwide. Queen Elizabeth 2 and other famous liners.
Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Cruises worldwide
Great Rail Journeys Escorted rail holidays worldwide. UK-based. Brochure available from site.
Noble-Caledonia Ltd
Cruises in smaller-size ship. All a bit different, like the 'British Isles in Bloom' trip from Dartmouth via Sark, Isles of Scilly, and northerly islands ending in Edinburgh. Other unusual offerings include Norway's islands and fjords, icebreaking trips, and other worldwide specials. Also escorted train journeys such as Vancouver to Montreal Aboard The Canadian.
Orient-Express Trains & Cruises Cruise/Train worldwide
The Travel Mall Cruise Australasia

Vacations with a PLUS... help others and have fun!

Why not consider a working holiday to help others? Man is so busy destroying the planet it's hard to fight back. But you can put a little back to cancel things out on your own behalf! Or if you are not up to working, how about staying somewhere that supports projects by donating some of its profits? Visit our Save the Planet, Save its People page to find out how! See example below:

SAGE Insights -
Cambodia travel

Explore mysterious and enchanting Cambodia with a personal local guide at your side. Visit Angkor Wat; experience the warmth and hospitality of the Khmer people and enjoy relatively undiscovered golden beaches like those once found in Thailand.

SAGE exists to support the neediest Cambodian children.

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