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Synergise Travel Video Selection

camcorderThis page allows you to conveniently view our selection of public domain travel videos from one page. These are the best we can find for the indicated locations — but if you know better, please tell us. If you click the video link from an article it will open this page featuring the relevant video. Or you can come here directly and select your travel videos from the left-hand column. Most of the articles in Ed's Travels now have related videos, and we are gradually adding them to other articles across the site. Enjoy!

Schools' Video Home Page

These videos require you to have an appropriate video player installed on your computer. They only appear and work if your computer has them. If not, why not download a free Google Video Player and enjoy your travel browsing even more?

YouTube is owned by Google. The videos they display are required to be submitted by their copyright owners for for viewing in the public domain — and they take measures to try to ensure this and will remove any videos that infringe copyright once detected. All persons uploading videos have the options to allow or disallow them to be embedded on other sites. We only allow you to view videos here which we are so allowed.YouTube specifically invite webmasters to embed their videos. Any video owners wishing to exclude their video from our recommended selection, or anyone aware that a copyright infringement has taken place with any video we here recommend, should contact us and we will quickly exclude the relevant video.