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  Christopher Loughnan

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In my Walter Mittey moments I can imagine myself as a Spitfire pilot over the White Cliffs of Dover or a war correspondent in the thick of the action. Maybe a Biggles who doesn’t like to see anyone get hurt. My more mundane Clark Kent daily role is working as a student counsellor at the local polytechnic where at times the action can get the heart pumping.

I lead a quiet life in a regional city in Victoria, the southern reaches of Australia — if we discount Tasmania. Geelong is an aboriginal word for 'sleepy hollow' and this captures the local ambience. We do, however, have marvelous beaches and the Great Ocean Rd on our doorstep. At regular intervals the family organizes (ie Chris) a new adventure where we launch ourselves on an unsuspecting world.

My regrets include not being accepted into the diplomatic service and never being paid by work to go overseas on assignment. Greatest achievement to date is choice of partner and two cracker kids. Have some good ideas for a travel book but nobody is interested. Young at heart — with a bright future ahead.

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