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  Cindy-Lou Dale

For more information about this prize-winning author and photo-journalist, visit her website: She has bases in both Brussels and London.


Brief Biography

Being a full-time writer gives Cindy license to exercise her mind fully and freely. She believes writing is an art form that has need for more than just a pen. She says, "It takes preparation, patience, perseverance and a creative mind that sees ideas as clearly as splashes of vivid colour. But, most of all it takes passion, a passion to reach beyond the boundaries of imagination."

When she turns her pen and compass to travel writing, she goes beyond being strongly evocative of place and tells of the idiosyncrasies of cultures and the wonder of a destination, speaking to the very soul of travel.

There's a certain frisson of expectation in her script, a texture you'll feel of the places and people she describes and their essential diversity, their distinctive look and flavor.

Synergise Articles

Date Title
JUL 2006 The Isle of Man and its Folklore
MAR 2006 Namibia - Extreme Vacation
FEB 2006 FreeStyle Group #2 AwardJust a Little Gardening in Mozambique

Other Publications

Cindy's work has been featured in 100+ publications globally. She is a prize-winning author and photo-journalist based in both Brussels and London. She creates mainly non-fiction for a variety of magazines, newspapers and ezines around the world, providing compelling portrayals of current affairs and crooked politicians; she affords us insight into prostitution, the lives of old age pensioners and the call of priesthood. Cindy unravels the tapestries of politics and provides factual details of heinous crimes.

Cindy lives within easy reach of several large European cities and as a full time writer and photo-journalist, is available to undertake assignments that fall within her scope.