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Brief Biography

Graeme currently resides in Kent, England, where he spends most of his time working as a research scientist in the field (no pun intended) of horticulture. Prior to this he spent several years as a student in the wonderful Georgian city of Bath, enjoying its many pubs. He is still a regular visitor to the west country of England, and Bristol in particular. He began writing in earnest relatively recently, taking a course with the Writer's Bureau. Working one day a week on various projects, thus far the earnings have not merited giving up the day job. But one can dream. His interests include natural history, sports, fantasy writing and, funnily enough, travel.

Synergise Articles

Date Title
FEB 2007 On the Wild Side in Andalucia
MAY 2006 Land of the Rings
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Graeme won the Synergise Best FreeStyle Contributor Award
in FreeStyle Group #1 for the following articles:

NOV 2005 NorthWest Magic
SEP 2005 California Steaming
JUN 2005 Celcius Rising
APR 2005 Where There's Never a Dark Side
APR 2005 Walking on the Wildside - of Russia

Future Aspirations

More publications! Currently working on a a range of projects, and always seeking new travel destinations, especially involving wildlife. So many places, so little time.