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If you enjoy the articles reproduced from hidden europe then you'd love this English language magazine itself. It explores Europe’s special spaces and takes readers beyond the usual tourist trails. Its brief is Europe-wide, crisscrossing the continent to publish the very best of what’s new, what’s old, what’s odd and what’s fun. The magazine promises a zany look at the quirkier aspects of European people and places. A good read, always authoritative and packed with useful information, Hidden Europe evokes the spirit of Europe’s diverse landscapes, conjures up a sense of place and probes the curiosities of the continent’s varied cultures, languages and religions.

Synergise are pleased to partner hidden europe in our aim of bringing you the highest quality travel writing. For more information click on the magazine cover to the left to visit their website. Or if you are interested in a subscription why not call them direct on 0049 30 755 16 128?

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