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  Jane Dickman

Brief Biography

I am a property professional who has always loved geography and history and enjoyed travelling. I have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, the Americas and parts of Africa, but it is Scandinavia that I am drawn to.

I have had articles relating to my work published in the professional journals (Planning magazine, Estates Gazette and Property Week) and in the local press (Manchester Evening News).

Only recently have I had the opportunity to start writing non-work related articles of which these two on Sweden are my first. I am currently working on another article about Norway and have just completed a children’s novel about a Viking, which I hope to get published. I have further ideas for a series of children’s books. Also I have just started writing a book about travels in Scandinavia.

Synergise Articles

Date Title
DEC 2009 Norway: Expensive but Beautiful
JUN 2009 Sstendalen - Swedish Lapland
MAY 2009 Stockholm. The world's most Beautiful Capital?