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  Karen Bryan

Brief Biography

I started my travel business, Europe a la Carte, in July 2002. I have always loved travelling. I met my husband in Greece when I was 19. My aim is to help travellers plan trips to less well-known destinations in Europe. I believe that there is so much to see in Europe, even if you only venture slightly off the beaten track. It is now easier and cheaper to fly to Europe with the low cost airlines, even from Scotland where I live. Writing destination guides and travel articles is a good way for me to promote the business.

I have worked as a market researcher for 19 years. It has been an ideal job to combine with being a Mother. Now that our twin sons are growing up, I feel that I have the time and energy to devote to the business.

Synergise Articles

Date Title
JUL 2005 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern — Germany and cobbles galore!
JUN 2005 Literary Connections of Lake Iseo

Other Publications

My website Europe a la Carte includes travel guides to: Lake Iseo, Bergamo, Besalu, Treiste and Bassano del Grappa

Other articles are planned.

Future Aspirations

I would like to build up the business enough to be able to give up market research. It’s the old 'Catch 22' situation: I am reluctant to give up the steady income from market research, especially as our sons are students. However, if I do not focus on the business, it will not have as much chance to grow.