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Loree Westron grew up in a small town in northern Idaho but was, from an early age, eager to see more of the world. At the age of seventeen, she set off on her first long-distance bicycle tour, and in a camp ground in California she met an English cyclist whom she would later marry.

She has travelled extensively in North America and Europe, as well as in Australia, New Zealand and Africa. Her favourite mode of transportation is still her 25-year-old Trek touring bike, and during the summer of 2009 she cycled from Anchorage, Alaska to Idaho. If she could find someone willing to pay her the minimum wage for riding her bicycle, she would happily set off on a never-ending cycle tour.

Loree’s other main preoccupation in this life is writing, and she has published travel articles, book reviews, and short stories in newspapers and journals in both the US and UK. She teaches Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth and is currently working on a PhD at the University of Chichester for which she is writing a novel involving the Nez Perce son of the explorer William Clark.

She has lived ‘permanently’ in the UK since 1988, though Idaho is still the most beautiful and fascinating place she has ever been.

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