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  Maria Nolan

Hi, Fellow Travellers. I'm Maria Nolan. I'm a Civil Servant living in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, in Ireland -— the sunny southeast of the country as it is known ... ha! Not exactly Spain, I can tell you.

I am a social animal and extremely gregarious. I love the sound of rain beating against a window pane. I love the sea in winter when it's all wild and wonderful. I love to photograph wildlife. I love to go for nice meals. I love to taste good, full-bodied oaky wines with a long finish. I love fashion and clothes and I am a compulsive buyer. I just love markets. I like to walk and talk. I'm a Gemini — I like new and interesting places, things and people. I get bored easily so I constantly battle not to put myself in boring situations!

I am interested in travel, sport, writing/art, culture, food, wine, photography and meeting people. I work full time. I write part time. I am Secretary of a very active sports club. I am involved locally with charities/fundraisers/festivals — in fact most community endeavours. I try to get away about 3-4 times a year with a group of very good friends and whilst we have a place at Torrevieja on the Spanish Costa Blanca, we try to see as many new places as possible. Sometimes we have a theme to our ramblings. We have followed the trail of the Holy Grail, we have done the Landing Beaches of Northern France, we have been in the trenches in the Somme Valley, we have traced the mad King Ludwig 11 around Bavaria and we have had our teeth done in Budapest!

What else can I tell you? I love my life and I thank God and Michael Ryan, who owns Ryanair, for allowing me see the world. and I'm only getting started! So what a lot of looking forward to do yet!

Happy Holidays!

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