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  Maureen  Wright

Brief Biography

For many years I worked and was involved in the education sector but, more recently, I have been employed as a customer advisor in a local library – perfect for me as I take pleasure in everything about books. An added benefit to my job is that I have all necessary research resources and materials to help me with my writing projects at my fingertips. I have achieved some success in publishing magazine articles, poetry and an odd short story but writing about my travel experiences is probably my favourite genre. My love for travel and recording those journeys was born during my teenage years with the advent of chartered airlines opening up many parts of our world for ordinary folk, like me, to enjoy. Within our library I help to run a creative writing group with a membership of about a dozen, enthusiastic members. They always provide a willing and encouraging audience for my travel tales.

Synergise Articles

Date Title
JUN 2007 Delightful Suisse Normande
JAN 2007 Game Drive in the Masai Mara

Future Aspirations

More travel along with more articles to write.