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  Wolf Oberhammer

Brief Biography

Wolf currently resides is in Canada but says his home is our ‘'global village’.

Maybe it was his childhood spent in the Austrian Alps that shaped this personality, always wanting to see what lies behind the next mountain, wishing to travel to every distant shore.

For many years his curiosity focused on science and technology. He holds an MSc in EE. His 10 US patents contributed a tiny pebble to the great pyramid of telecommunications.

Like a second generation John J. Dunbar*, much of his travel is about capturing cultural treasures that may soon be lost. He observes that telecommunications and jet travel ‘stamp’ people from all parts of the globe into uniform entities of one society.

The following quote from one of his Synergise articles best reveals the trademark of his writing:

So many travel to see the sights and landmarks, yet the real treasure and noteworthy discoveries are in the hearts and minds of those whose land we visit’.

Currently Wolf is really busy preparing for his next adventure. At 53 years of age he has no time to lose… stay tuned.

* In the movie, Dances with Wolves, John J. Dunbar (played by Kevin Costner) moves out to the frontier and comments 'this is all going to disappear, you know,’ referring to the North American Wilderness and the natives’ way of life.

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